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Since May 31st, 2014

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Wings of Silver, Nerves of Steel. SilverHawks!!!
 Wings of Silver, Nerves of Steel. SilverHawks!!!

Air Dates: September 8, 1986 - December 5, 1986
Episodes: 65
Runtime: 30 minutes
Seasons: 1
Company: Warner Bros. Television
Created By: Rankin/Bass Productions

The SilverHawks gave up their humanity to become cyborgs to withstand extended time in space. The SilverHawks journey to Limbo and Hawkhaven to help Commander Stargazer battle the criminal Mon*Star and his mob. The SilverHawks fight with wings of silver and nerves of steel. Quicksilver leds Bluegrass, the Copper Kid, Steelheart and Steelwill in protecting Limbo.

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Silverhawks: The Complete Volume One